Press Article in Finnish Newspaper,
Translatet by Mika Pettissalo:

A Film was shot in the Iltakoti

Gladly there are no lines to speak, otherwise we would be here on the next year…laughs Sirpa
Salminen when film shootings take place in the house.
The scenes of the film are located in an old house and people in the Ilakoti became movie stars just
like that. In the main role acts Eila Makkonen and side roles are casted by Esteri Llaine, Annikki
Tanila, Else Heinola and Liisa Hatanpää. In the other roles are seen Juha Mati Koskela and
Mouhijärvi “strengths”; Rasmus Rannikko, Saara Välli, Oauli Ahola and Otto Linnikko.
The story is about old Lady, who instantly/continuously dreams to be a young girl. Another senior
becomes the saviour of the lady when taking part to her play, cleared producer Mika Pettissalo.
In the business/duty are students from the Tampere Polytechnic Arts and Media. The project is an
international Finnish-German work. The story is written, directed and cinematographed by German
exchange students.
The father of the story Fabian Giessler told to received the idea for his Grand mother, who
occasionally imagines to be a young girl. Eila in this movie has something in common with my grand
mother. In a way my own life reflects through this film, he said.
The daily routine of the Iltakoti turned upside down, when six persons film group in housed for three
days. – the girls have just been enthusiastic, Mika Pettissalo described the emotions in the Iltakoti.
That was verified by Sirpa Salminen. This is just refreshing change. Daytime rests have skipped ,
when shootings are so exciting to watch.
Inhabitant Eila Makkonen thought, that it has been nice even though she didn’t always recognize that
she was being shot. – So, a real film star, she laughed.
The people in the house thought that change is refreshing and during the shooting days the time
went really fast. An extra flavour was added by the English language which was used as a working
Saara Välli who was in the role of the young girl couldn’t say yet if she becomes famous or not by the
film. – It has been nice, although little bit waiting is taking place all the time, Saara told.
The movie is prepared in a few weeks and before Christmas is going to be audition/premiere in the
Iltakoti. Afterwards it’s up to the producer, where the film is going to be marketed.
Certainly to short movie film festivals and possibly to the television. The film is going to travel
naturally to Germany with the exchange students, says Mika Pettissalo.
He revealed that the story will have a happy end.
The main statement of the film is that dreams take over the everyday life.
In the matter is this fact that one is as old as he feels.