(The Young Girl)

A dream that you dream alone is still only a dream,
-A dream that you dream together can be reality!

A young girl is sitting in a room. While she walks on the corridor to ask who wants to play with her
she recognizes only old people hanging around some tables. Suddenly a man young arrives...

Director’s Note:
This is a short movie inspired by the fate of my grandmother who got the Alzheimer
illness. This little movie tells the story of how different we can see old people and the
handling of their illness.

About the music for Tyttönen:
In the case of the "Young girl" the basic Idea for the music came while Creating the
story. The music should underline two things:
1. The music should be as subtle and minimalistic as the story is
2. The Theme of memory and
forgotten memory had to be communicated also through the music.

The idea was to create a small "memory-theme" for the "hands sequence" that would
build up the tone of the short film, to have just a piano motif (with a little extra reverb
effect to create the illusion of a dream) which is played very slowly and creates a feeling
of hesitation and uncertainty...just like a small girl would play a little childish melody that
she remembers, that comes slowly to her mind again.
This Memory-Theme is also used in the beginning, the opening scene with the camera
pan over the old photos and is developed into a faster and happier theme for the last